Our Mission

Improve the productivity of Pre-Sales Engineers (SEs) on a global enterprise basis, thereby achieving fast, repeatable, and predictable Solution Closure. As a service to the Sales Engineering community, this site presents a framework for an SE including tools, links and applications. Sales Engineer's Toolkit .

Who Are We ?

Gelena LLC (rootsaroundtheworld.info) was founded in 2014 to address the lack of available services and products specifically for Sales Engineers. Actually, we've run across a dozen or so titles for the role - Application Engineer, Systems Engineer, Pre-Sales Consultant, Pre-Sales Support Specialist - any combination of prefix and suffix will do. Our organization is an international company of highly seasoned and skilled ex-sales and sales engineering executives, managers, and senior contributors..

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Our Vision

  • We envision a world where Sales Engineers are forgotten no more
  • We envision Pre-Sales Engineering as a well-defined discipline
  • We envision a thriving community of Sales Engineers
  • We envision a world where SEs are empowered with the services and products required to do their job effectively and repeatedly
  • We envision bridging the gap for SEs between any standard sales methodology (e.g. Miller-Heiman, Solution Selling, The TAS Group, etc.) and any Sales Force Automation product (Siebel, salesforce.com, etc.)